4 Tips to Extend the Longevity of Implant Supported Dentures


You may be considering implant supported dentures already. Part of considering this option is to know how long these teeth replacements will last. These dentures are an investment. Taking care of them is an order. If you want to know how to extend the life of your implant supported dentures, here are the details.

Tip 1: investing the right way

This applies to implant supported dentures and the other aspects of life. A patient who knows how to invest in high-quality implant dentures will reap the benefits. Spending a little more on these teeth replacements means that patients can enjoy more lasting results. High-quality implant dentures last a long time.

Choosing ceramic materials for implant dentures can help the patient enjoy the dentures longer. These materials also provide the patient with stronger chewing and biting force. It may cost more at first. But it will save the patient difficulty and money in the long run.

Tip 2: practicing good oral hygiene

Caring for implant supported dentures is part of prolonging its structural integrity. A basic way to make this possible is through proper oral care. Good-fitting overdentures will not get food under them. The patient does not need to remove the overdentures anymore to clean them.

Removing the overdentures must happen for ill-fitting overdentures. This must happen if there is an accumulation of food particles underneath them. Cleaning around the implants is important before removing the overdentures. This will make sure that the implants do not develop an infection.

Tip 3: keeping regular dental appointments

Seeing the dentist at least twice a year can help lengthen the life span of implant supported dentures. The dentist will make sure that the implants are clear of infection and the overdentures are in alignment. A professional dental cleaning can also clear the dentures of stuck food particles and tartar. The dentist will also be able to identify problems with implants and dentures. Dealing with them early can decrease the patient’s risk of teeth replacement failure.

Tip 4: selecting the right foods

The jawbone provides the strength to support implant supported dentures. That is why it is crucial to maintain the jawbone’s integrity. This is doable by getting the proper nutrition. A weakening jawbone will not be capable of supporting the implant supported dentures. If this happens, the dentist must remove the teeth-replacement system.

Choosing nutritious foods is ideal. Fresh produce must be part of the diet every day. Vitamin D is essential to strengthen the jawbone. Skipping hard, acidic, sugary, and sticky foods can also help extend the longevity of implant supported dentures. These foods can lead to premature wear of the overdentures.

Diet can also help stimulate the jawbone. Specific parts of the jawbone tend to remain stagnant even with implants in strategic areas of the dental arch. The bone in the jaw tends to shrink because of this. Chewing crunchy vegetables and fruits can stimulate the bone. It can also give the proper nutrients to keep the bones and the rest of the body healthy.

Implant supported dentures can last longer

Many people want to have lasting teeth replacements. These dental appliances are investments. They deserve proper maintenance and care. Seeing your dentist for routine dental checks can support and improve the longevity of your implant supported dentures.


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